Commissioned Office Bearers 2017/2018


District Grand Superintendent
MEC Paul Smit
Depute Grand Superintendent
MEC Tommy Burke
Depute Grand Superintendent
MEC John Grant


DG Scribe E
MEC Ray Franks
DG Treasurer
MEC Keith Perrow


DG Second Principals
MEC Mervin Kruger
MEC, Deacon, the Rev Dr. Vernon van Wyk
MEC William (Bill) Russell
DG Third Principals
MEC Hamish Fynn
MEC Mike Ioannou
MEC Stephen Labuschagne
DG Chaplain
DG Scribe N
MEC David Hudson-Lamb
DG Director of Ceremonies
MEC Keith Maricich
MEC Huntley MacPherson

Elected Office Bearers 2017/2018

DG First Sojourners
MEC Dino Kyriazis
MEC Les Wood
DG Second Sojourners
MEC Marianus de Jager
DG Third Sojourners
MEC Peter Rigopoulos
MEC Dr. Roelf Bothma












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