Completed Projects for 2017



Christmas Toy Drive




We delivered a huge load of toys, clothes and sweets to AMCARE in Alberton on 16th December





Thank you to everyone who donated to this worthy cause.






The ladies of the Royal Arch have also organised raffles at various functions.
During the Pizzazz fundraiser 19th August the ladies raffled off 2 hampers of whisky, wine, cookies and chocolates and raised R2320
The next raffle was at the convocation 30 September where a Masonic ring (designed, made and donated by MEC Ollie Edwards) and a bottle of whisky brought in another R2320 – hopefully someone will kindly buy a few extra tickets next time to help us not look like we’ve fiddled the books :)
Raffle money is handed over to the District to use for Masonic Benevolence and Christmas sweet treats for the elderly.




Sweetie Packets for the Elderly


On the 23rd of December we dropped off 160 sweetie packets at Masonic Haven for the residents and staff.
This was funded by a portion of the raffle money raised this year
so a huge thank you goes to everyone who bought raffle tickets this year.





Thank you to everyone for their support in 2017 – let’s make 2018 even better!







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