What we need now…

The current collection project is WARM UP WINTER – CUP OF SOUP DRIVE 2018 for people in need.
Do you have any mismatched (not chipped or broken) mugs at home?  
Please give them to us with a few packets of cup a soup and we will hand them over to people in need.
If you don’t have any spare mugs at home please consider going out and buying a mug and a box of cup a soup for the project.
Please also take some time to clean out your cupboards of pre-loved clothing, bedding and toys etc that could help someone in need.
We would like to drop off the mugs and clothing around middle June – so please go shopping and give your donation to your Chapter’s Scribe Ezra  before end May 2018 and someone from District Grand Chapter will collect.
We will keep you up to date on the drop off location, date and time.
THANK YOU in advance for your support with this project.











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