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Friends and companions, welcome to the website of the District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Central South Africa.  I trust that you will find the contents informative and useful in your search for extending your Masonic knowledge.
The purpose of this website sets out a clear commitment by the District to encompass modern technology and provide the means by which information on District activities can be accessed with a press of a button.  I am delighted that this means of communication has been introduced for I see it as a big step forward in our bid to promote the Royal Arch, at the same time, allowing non Royal Arch Masons the opportunity to discover the order, and hopefully understand its concepts which lead to the ultimate fulfillment of the Masonic quest.
This website is designed to provide information about the Chapters, Cryptic Councils and Lodge & Councils, their meeting dates and contact information. We look forward to welcoming any Companion who may wish to visit at any future time.
We have ambitious plans to add more content about our District and Royal Arch Freemasonry in general.
Good viewing and best wishes.
Paul W. Smit
MEC District Grand Superintendant
District Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Central South Africa




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