What is the Royal Arch?


A sincere desire to work, enquire and learn more is essential if you are to continue the long and fruitful journey which you began as an Entered Apprentice Mason.
In your progress through the three degrees of Craft Masonry you were  continually encouraged to seek more light and knowledge in order to lead you along the path of greater Masonic and personal knowledge and understanding.
When you were initiated into the craft you learned the duties you owe to God, your neighbour and yourself.
When you were passed to the Second Degree you were advised to study the hidden mysteries of nature and science to develop the intellectual faculties.
When you were ultimately raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason you were instructed how to meet death fearlessly and with confidence in the survival of the human personality.
The lessons of morality, the scientific instruction and the explanation of the symbols contained in the first three degrees of the Craft all hold promise of a greater development.
From that it is clear that the Master Mason’s Degree it is obviously not the summit of Freemasonry and you should consider the first three degrees as the foundation of your Masonic career, especially as the Craft instructs us to seek for that which was lost.
Why you should consider taking another step 
The Royal Arch Degree is the natural progression in Freemasonry and as well as recovering that which was lost, the teachings of the Royal Arch Degree will give you a whole new awareness and understanding of Freemasonry and will lead you along the path of greater Masonic knowledge and understanding.

What are the requirements to join the Royal Arch?


  • You should be serious and enthusiastic about your Freemasonry and wish to improve your Masonic knowledge
  • You should be interested in furthering your Masonic career
  • You must be an active Master Mason in good standing with your Lodge





Want to join the RA?

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